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Important Updates, grewing up and more ?!

Dear Members of the Exotic Community!

Their are following more updates on the Site and even our Discord Server.
Like i've said: I don't announce every (small) update anymore.

But an update ...

Since this week it isn't possible to use our bot commands in public servers anymore. The bot commands are now only executeable in the '#Bot-Commands' channel.

We got from now Voice Channels, these voice channels can be used by everyone. You reach more Voice Channels by ranking up. (You can rank up by being active on the community).
Also the NSFW-Channel is back, but we don't want to make the community NSFW Related. So the only way to unlock the NSFW-Channel is by reaching rank: "Gold".

We're hiring for suggestions, do you know a suggestion we should add to the community? Please tell it us by the Discord Server in channel » "#Suggestions-feedback".

Someone though @Queen and me are GTA players, we actually aren't. We play more games, but we can't play 2+ games at the same time (We tried, but failed :p)

We try to grew the community up, invite all your friends and family to help us!,
You can send links below to support the community, or use some other platforms.
P.S. Don't forget to subscribe (Link below)

Every game is welcome on the Exotic Community, if you don't see a game, but we need the game in our community? Tell it us, and we will add it to the community. (Or even playing it and recording it (Twitch / YouTube)

Do you see any bug / problems with our bot, server, site or anything else? Please contact @iYordiiiDev at Discord (Developer Discord Server / Site)
Other related problems, go to @Queen

Do you have any questions? Don't hestitate to contact me or @Queen

Kind Regards,

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