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Updates Exotic Updates

Hello people !

Like most guys of you know we're updating alot! Every day a new update ..
Not all updates will be announced anymore, to prevent spamming :p.

I'm working hard on this community to make it all better for everyone.

What did we actually add / change?

- Added : Radio, you can listen now live, 24/7 to the own Exotic Radio here » https://exoticcommunity.net/index.php?pages/radio/
- Changed : "!rank1" has been removed, you need to use now "!rank"
- Added : Gravatar, you can now easily change your own website avatar to your own (You are still able to change an own avatar from your computer)
- Added : The Farewell channel on discord is now visible for everyone !
- Added : AntiCurse System in the Discord server, a pm will be send to you when you've sweared, this will also be logged to the Staff of the Community. (Bypassing AntiCurse system will lead to punishments)

Kind Regards,

Developer Exotic Community