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Updates Added inviter role, bugs, temporarily stop working as Developer

Dear people !!

From now we got a new role on the Exotic Community Discord Server,

the new role is the "INVITER" role. You can get this role by inviting atleast 7 people, these 7 people can verify your invite to get this role.
This role gives you access to more different servers, with hidden (not leaked) information. We aren't illegal, and we never be.

We will also get in the future the new role "YordiRecords", this role gives you access to channel(s), where you can stay up to date about updates about my channel.

Because my channel is not part of the Exotic Community, i am only sponsor the Exotic Community.

The bug (rankups) has been fixed finally ! It will be logged again in the #rankup-logs, and the ranks will be gived again automatically. If you've found any bug, don't hestitate to contact us, and it will be fixed soon as possible.

More updates are coming soon, just with these holidays, i don't code much, and my work as Developer will start again after Christmas. Only bugs will be fixed, but no updates are following these days.

I hope i've informed you guys enough, and have nice holidays, and a great and happy 2020!

~ Exotic Team

Kind Regards,