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Updates Trailer for exotic is coming online today!

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Best everyone

Today the trailer for exotic will come online !.
So keep an eye on discord, YouTube and the website !.



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Dear members,

I can proudly say that we have now an official intro. You can see the intro on my YouTube account: Exotic Community. (See the video below)


Updates Site / Discord

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Hello people!

I've added alot in the past few days.
I've added Discord Integration on our Site.

You can now connect your Account Profile on our Site with Discord,
Syncronize your Site name with Discord, and get the "VERIFIED" Role on Discord.

I've also fixed the Welcome message bug and the OnMember Join bug.

Also added some commands, you can view these commands by using on Discord: "!help" or "!help2".

The Exotic Manager (A.k.a Exotic Website Manager), is offline for 99%, but still does his job.
Don't worry about his inactivity, he will be active when a new thread is posted, or on an announcement.

I hope i have informed you guys enough, any questions? Don't hestitate to PM me.

Kind Regards,

News Themes

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Dear everyone,

With every special day we want to bring our website into the party mood.
Then you should think of:
-Old and new
-Valentine's Day
-Sint Nicholas

Do you really have a good idea to make the site one of the holidays on these special days themselves?
Let us know


Announcement Site Updated!

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Hello People!

I am currently busy with updating the site and the Discord Bot.
I've currently added Discord sidebar to the Home Page of our site.

I've added in the past few days many commands to our bot, even many staff commands.
You can now use commands like "!meme" & "!dankmeme". If you want a list of command just use "!help" or "!help2"

I hope you guys like it, if you got any suggestion you can create a thread here. (Or just tag me on discord with your suggestion :p)

Friendly Regards,

Updates NEW

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Yordi has been busy making our community even better.
we now have more meme's and now even jokes that you can use by :

furthermore we have the Ticket System :
-!ticket - Open your ticket, get fast support
-!close - Close your ticket.

we do everything we can to make our community as good as possible!
do you have any other ideas?
Let us know!!.

- Queen

Important Staff Consultation

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Best everyone

A meeting will take place tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Of course I expect EVERYONE to be there, It takes a maximum of half an hour (depending on what needs to be discussed)

See you tomorrow at 4:00

- Queen

Updates Exotic Staff

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This message is especially meant for the (helpers, and staff members).
I have been busy creating another channel specifically for the staff members, so that we can have consultations and other things can be discussed (if necessary).
All staff members will receive an invitation for this !!

Kind regards

- Queen

Updates Exotic community

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Good evening,

As you can see a lot has changed with regard to the bots.
do you have any nice ideas to add to the server? , please let us know and who knows, maybe your idea will be processe.

Kind regards


Updates Discord Bot (issues)

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Hello people!

Like the most of you guys know, we had some issues with the Discord Bot(s)

We were transfering to another servers, but their were many errors..

The discord bots are now completely fixed, and running 24/7.
The community can't run without these bots, they are very important to us.

I hope i've informed you guys enough, and hope you enjoy.
Do not forget to report the bugs to me, so i can fix them immediately

Kind Regards, Yordi

Exotic Community