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Important Absence

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Dear members

as you may have noticed, it is now very quiet on the server .. my excuse for that. but it is currently very busy around me.
we will try to come back as soon as possible and bring the server back to life.

for further questions you can always contact us.
Kind regards Queen

Important Christmas

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Dear All,

It will not be long before 2019 is finished, tomorrow is Christmas.
which of course means that I will not be present on my server.

If there are still problems with things in the server such as bugs, let Yordi know.
then we'll see if we can fix it today so that we can all enjoy Christmas tomorrow.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently here.

I wish all my dear members a Merry Christmas and a good and healthy 2020.

- Queen

Updates Added inviter role, bugs, temporarily stop working as Developer

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Dear people !!

From now we got a new role on the Exotic Community Discord Server,

the new role is the "INVITER" role. You can get this role by inviting atleast 7 people, these 7 people can verify your invite to get this role.
This role gives you access to more different servers, with hidden (not leaked) information. We aren't illegal, and we never be.

We will also get in the future the new role "YordiRecords", this role gives you access to channel(s), where you can stay up to date about updates about my channel.

Because my channel is not part of the Exotic Community, i am only sponsor the Exotic Community.

The bug (rankups) has been fixed finally ! It will be logged again in the #rankup-logs, and the ranks will be gived again automatically. If you've found any bug, don't hestitate to contact us, and it will be fixed soon as possible.

More updates are coming soon, just with these holidays, i don't code much, and my work as Developer will start again after Christmas. Only bugs will be fixed, but no updates are following these days.

I hope i've informed you guys enough, and have nice holidays, and a great and happy 2020!

~ Exotic Team

Kind Regards,

Updates Exotic intro Christmas races GTA

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From tomorrow we will start with the Christmas special 2019 on gta V.
That means that we will do the best races until Christmas.
Do you like this? keep an eye on our youtube channels !!


Exotic Community

Important Updates, grewing up and more ?!

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Dear Members of the Exotic Community!

Their are following more updates on the Site and even our Discord Server.
Like i've said: I don't announce every (small) update anymore.

But an update ...

Since this week it isn't possible to use our bot commands in public servers anymore. The bot commands are now only executeable in the '#Bot-Commands' channel.

We got from now Voice Channels, these voice channels can be used by everyone. You reach more Voice Channels by ranking up. (You can rank up by being active on the community).
Also the NSFW-Channel is back, but we don't want to make the community NSFW Related. So the only way to unlock the NSFW-Channel is by reaching rank: "Gold".

We're hiring for suggestions, do you know a suggestion we should add to the community? Please tell it us by the Discord Server in channel » "#Suggestions-feedback".

Someone though @Queen and me are GTA players, we actually aren't. We play more games, but we can't play 2+ games at the same time (We tried, but failed :p)

We try to grew the community up, invite all your friends and family to help us!,
You can send links below to support the community, or use some other platforms.
P.S. Don't forget to subscribe (Link below)

Every game is welcome on the Exotic Community, if you don't see a game, but we need the game in our community? Tell it us, and we will add it to the community. (Or even playing it and recording it (Twitch / YouTube)

Do you see any bug / problems with our bot, server, site or anything else? Please contact @iYordiiiDev at Discord (Developer Discord Server / Site)
Other related problems, go to @Queen

Do you have any questions? Don't hestitate to contact me or @Queen

Kind Regards,

Don't forget to support us by sending the following links to your friends and family:
Discord: Discord (Click)
Site: Site (Click!)
YouTube: YouTube (Click!)

Updates Crew Gta Rockstar

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For the people who play gta and like to join our crew,
that is now possible on rockstar!



Updates YouTube Exotic

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Dear everyone,

For those who don't know yet exotic also contains a youtube channel where I put the best videos on: Bo3, Bo4, Grand theft car V, Bo3 zombies and Bo4 zombies.
have you not yet subscribed?
Do that quickly on the link below : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnUxo2wlz9CRYrDMku3zJ8w?view_as=subscriber


Updates For the New people

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Hello everyone!

for all people who are new here, first of all welcome to the Exotic community !!
I hope you guys will enjoy it.
For the people who are not yet familiar with our official website from exotic you can register on the site,
for the people who like it and would like to stay informed of our latest updates.


Updates Exotic Updates

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Hello people !

Like most guys of you know we're updating alot! Every day a new update ..
Not all updates will be announced anymore, to prevent spamming :p.

I'm working hard on this community to make it all better for everyone.

What did we actually add / change?

- Added : Radio, you can listen now live, 24/7 to the own Exotic Radio here » https://exoticcommunity.net/index.php?pages/radio/
- Changed : "!rank1" has been removed, you need to use now "!rank"
- Added : Gravatar, you can now easily change your own website avatar to your own (You are still able to change an own avatar from your computer)
- Added : The Farewell channel on discord is now visible for everyone !
- Added : AntiCurse System in the Discord server, a pm will be send to you when you've sweared, this will also be logged to the Staff of the Community. (Bypassing AntiCurse system will lead to punishments)

Kind Regards,

Developer Exotic Community


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Dear everyone ,

As you can see our official trailer is now online on YouTube, discord and our website.

(made by iYordiiiDev)

Exotic Community